Care First Animal Hospital Saves Thousands on Staff Benefits and Gains New Patients Through ITEX

Care First Animal Hospital was founded by Dr. Joseph Gordon in 1988. He joined the ITEX trade exchange just 5 years later in 1993.

logoCareFirstAnimalHospitalWith over 20 years of membership with the ITEX trade exchange, they have found numerous ways in which barter has brought them new sales and saved them cash in their business. Dr. George Ghneim of Care First Animal Hospital speaks about how he utilizes the ITEX account to save money on maintenance expenses such as landscaping, pest control, dry cleaning, and more. They have even utilized the account to provide regularly catered lunches for their entire staff, as well as doctor’s meetings and other special events throughout the year. They are also able to utilize the account to purchase things like karate instruction for their children and residential housecleaning.

After two decades of participation in the ITEX barter exchange, many new customers (cash and barter alike) can be attributed to their membership- ITEX members are likely to refer their friends, family and associates to member businesses that they use through the ITEX network. This not only gives the veterinary hospital a competitive advantage, it also helps work as an additional marketing source for the business.

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