Carolina Dental Arts Gains Patients and Saves Cash Using ITEX

Dr. Kyle Roth of Carolina Dental Arts has owned over 20 dental practices across the state in Raleigh, Durham, Wake Forest, and surrounding areas like Greensboro and Charlotte- and he first joined a barter exchange after opening his very first practice.

carolina dental arts

He was able to gain new patients and facilitate growth in the practices by supplementing his income through ITEX dollars earned.

This also gave him a competitive advantage to other dentists in his immediate area and even outside of his local radius- ITEX members would choose his practice over another because they could spend their ITEX dollars instead of cash, even for insurance co-pays. They are also likely to refer his practice to friends, family members and associates- potential new cash-paying customers.

Dr. Roth was able to take the ITEX dollars earned and purchase maintenance services such as electrical, painting and other contractors, landscaping services, advertising and direct mail services. He was even able to set up sub accounts through which he regularly bonuses his employees.

Dr. Roth was even able to purchase Carolina vs. Duke basketball tickets from another member at 100% ITEX! He highly recommends a small business participate with the ITEX barter exchange- not only can you gain new patients and a new referral network, but also save cash by spending barter!

Serving Wake County and the Triangle area of North Carolina, including…
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The Q Shack Restaurant Trades BBQ For Maintenance


Tom Meyer of The Q Shack BBQ Restaurant at North Hills Shopping Center in Raleigh, North Carolina talks about how he is able to take ITEX dollars earned and pay for regularly scheduled floor maintenance with Service Master of Wake County.

qshack_raleighInstead of paying cash for this service, he is able to earn extra revenue through ITEX members visiting his restaurant. They will bring their friends and family along, introducing new cash paying customers to his restaurant. This also gains him a competitive advantage over other similar restaurants in the area, and even outside the area- because ITEX members will choose to go to restaurants that accept ITEX dollars over their competition.

And with the support of a local office in addition to the online resources, Tom is able to stay current on what is available in the ITEX network. Joining the ITEX membership trading community is a fantastic idea for all restaurant owners who want to turn potentially empty seats into extra revenue, and turning those dollars into products and services that can save their bottom line in their business.


Serving Wake County and the Triangle area of North Carolina, including…
Raleigh | Cary | Wake Forest | Chapel Hill | Durham

Care First Animal Hospital Saves Thousands on Staff Benefits and Gains New Patients Through ITEX

Care First Animal Hospital was founded by Dr. Joseph Gordon in 1988. He joined the ITEX trade exchange just 5 years later in 1993.

logoCareFirstAnimalHospitalWith over 20 years of membership with the ITEX trade exchange, they have found numerous ways in which barter has brought them new sales and saved them cash in their business. Dr. George Ghneim of Care First Animal Hospital speaks about how he utilizes the ITEX account to save money on maintenance expenses such as landscaping, pest control, dry cleaning, and more. They have even utilized the account to provide regularly catered lunches for their entire staff, as well as doctor’s meetings and other special events throughout the year. They are also able to utilize the account to purchase things like karate instruction for their children and residential housecleaning.

After two decades of participation in the ITEX barter exchange, many new customers (cash and barter alike) can be attributed to their membership- ITEX members are likely to refer their friends, family and associates to member businesses that they use through the ITEX network. This not only gives the veterinary hospital a competitive advantage, it also helps work as an additional marketing source for the business.

Serving Wake County and the Triangle area of North Carolina, including…
Raleigh | Cary | Wake Forest | Chapel Hill | Durham

Linwood Piper of Piperformance Saves Cash by Spending Barter!


Linwood Piper of Piperformance Auto Body Shop has participated in the ITEX barter exchange for over 14 years.

During that time, he has been able to trade auto repair work for many spending opportunities within his business. He throws a Christmas party for his staff using ITEX restaurants and caterers. He has enrolled his son in tutoring sessions at Sylvan Learning Center. He has purchased concrete work, garage doors, and even metal buildings- which have saved him thousands within his business.

piperformance image

Participating in the ITEX trade exchange has also allowed him to broaden his customer base- while his normal customer might only be within an average of 10-15 miles of his shop, an ITEX customer may travel from 30 miles away to be able to spend ITEX dollars on costly auto repair services. Participating barter exchange members will also refer their cash-paying friends and family to an ITEX member that has done a good job for them.

Working with insurance companies couldn’t be simpler when using ITEX- Piperformance helps many customers who are filing an auto insurance claim by allowing them to pay their deductible in ITEX, and then filing the claim normally through the member’s insurance provider. It saves the member more cash out of pocket, and gives Piperformance the opportunity to earn a new customer.

Whether it is larger purchases that have saved thousands of dollars in his business, or smaller tokens of appreciation throughout the year for his staff, Linwood Piper of Piperformance recommends participating in the ITEX barter exchange for any auto repair or other small business owner- barter saves cash!

Serving Wake County and the Triangle area of North Carolina, including…
Raleigh | Cary | Wake Forest | Chapel Hill | Durham

How Does Barter Save Cash?

The ITEX barter exchange is a group of business owners (that instead of trading directly with each other for products and services) belong to a network of businesses that gives them the freedom to spend their trade dollars with any of the members in our trading community.

Click on the video below to meet some of our members and learn how they spend their trade dollars within the ITEX trading community.


Web DesignAll businesses have “fixed” and “variable” operating expenses. While you can’t pay your fixed expenses on trade (rent, electrical, inventory, employee labor), the ITEX member knows that they can spend their trade dollars on many things they would have been spending on in their business, such as:

Every time you spend a trade dollar on one of these services for your business, it keeps a cash dollar in the bank that you can re-invest back into your business.

Work and Play!

Restaurants and Pubs

Trade dollars have been used to save many expenses outside of your business as well. By utilizing the ITEX network to take in extra income, you could be spending your trade dollars on:

Serving Wake County and the Triangle area of North Carolina, including…
Raleigh | Cary | Wake Forest | Chapel Hill | Durham