Carolina Dental Arts Gains Patients and Saves Cash Using ITEX

Dr. Kyle Roth of Carolina Dental Arts has owned over 20 dental practices across the state in Raleigh, Durham, Wake Forest, and surrounding areas like Greensboro and Charlotte- and he first joined a barter exchange after opening his very first practice.

carolina dental arts

He was able to gain new patients and facilitate growth in the practices by supplementing his income through ITEX dollars earned.

This also gave him a competitive advantage to other dentists in his immediate area and even outside of his local radius- ITEX members would choose his practice over another because they could spend their ITEX dollars instead of cash, even for insurance co-pays. They are also likely to refer his practice to friends, family members and associates- potential new cash-paying customers.

Dr. Roth was able to take the ITEX dollars earned and purchase maintenance services such as electrical, painting and other contractors, landscaping services, advertising and direct mail services. He was even able to set up sub accounts through which he regularly bonuses his employees.

Dr. Roth was even able to purchase Carolina vs. Duke basketball tickets from another member at 100% ITEX! He highly recommends a small business participate with the ITEX barter exchange- not only can you gain new patients and a new referral network, but also save cash by spending barter!

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