Marketing Barter Network

Spread the Word About Your Business While Saving Money

Marketing is at the hub of any business- it’s what brings new cash customers to your door. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the first areas of a company’s budget to be cut in a tough economy. This is a variable expense that, if given the opportunity to invest in correctly, can result in increased business throughout the life of your company.

Common Marketing services available on ITEX:

Marketing companies can reach out to other ITEX members and have a direct lead over their competition as a part of this barter exchange- many ITEX members are looking for ways to turn the barter dollars they’ve made into more dollars in their traditional bank accounts- and by far the most efficient way to do that is to spend the blue dollar on advertising to your target market- in whichever form is perfect for your business.

Serving Wake County and the Triangle area of North Carolina, including…
Raleigh | Cary | Wake Forest | Chapel Hill | Durham