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surge logoJohn Surge – President – Surge Electric:

” Our ITEX account became invaluable to me this month as I discovered  my wife needed about $13,000 worth of dental and oral surgery work. Obviously, this is not a choice we could make, this was an expense that we  had to endure whether we had an ITEX account or not.  I was able to pay for the work without touching my cash reserves.  I’ve been a member of ITEX since 1997. I know the ITEX customers that I have done electrial work for have come from the direct referral of Anna in the ITEX office.  In a tough economy, the ITEX account is of tremendous value for me.”

qshack_raleighTom Meyer, The Q Shack Restaurant:

“I’ve been on the trade exchange for a couple years now, and we do all sorts of great things with it.  I get my car serviced, I get vending and maintenance done to my equipment, I give gifts to my employees, I even get a dozen roses for my wife every once in a while.  We do quite a bit of advertising, the website design & development; all of those things I can trade food for advertising, food for promotions.  If it weren’t for the trade exchange, I’d have all those cash outputs….Anytime we can take food that we’re coming in and turn it over for cash, that’s the name of the game.  The trade exchange helps us do that.  The trade exchange has done great for us.” Click Here to view a Video Testimonial from The Q Shack

carolinadentalartsParker Bridgforth, Carolina Dental Arts:

“We had our 2010 Carolina Dental Arts’ Annual Christmas Party at a pizza restaurant, and all of our employees had a blast!  The management and servers were great and the food was awesome!  The best part was that we paid with barter and kept our cash for other expenses! We will definitely be back again this year!” Click Here to view a Video Testimonial from Carolina Dental Arts!


Chris Robertson, Manager Speedee Oil:

“There are many members in our network that I use frequently and enjoy working with.  The quality work and reliable service offered by vendors attests to how valuable and useful my barter network is to my business.”

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