Linwood Piper of Piperformance Saves Cash by Spending Barter!


Linwood Piper of Piperformance Auto Body Shop has participated in the ITEX barter exchange for over 14 years.

During that time, he has been able to trade auto repair work for many spending opportunities within his business. He throws a Christmas party for his staff using ITEX restaurants and caterers. He has enrolled his son in tutoring sessions at Sylvan Learning Center. He has purchased concrete work, garage doors, and even metal buildings- which have saved him thousands within his business.

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Participating in the ITEX trade exchange has also allowed him to broaden his customer base- while his normal customer might only be within an average of 10-15 miles of his shop, an ITEX customer may travel from 30 miles away to be able to spend ITEX dollars on costly auto repair services. Participating barter exchange members will also refer their cash-paying friends and family to an ITEX member that has done a good job for them.

Working with insurance companies couldn’t be simpler when using ITEX- Piperformance helps many customers who are filing an auto insurance claim by allowing them to pay their deductible in ITEX, and then filing the claim normally through the member’s insurance provider. It saves the member more cash out of pocket, and gives Piperformance the opportunity to earn a new customer.

Whether it is larger purchases that have saved thousands of dollars in his business, or smaller tokens of appreciation throughout the year for his staff, Linwood Piper of Piperformance recommends participating in the ITEX barter exchange for any auto repair or other small business owner- barter saves cash!

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